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TAG 89.4 at press with the origin of Mayflower passenger Susanna (Jackson) (White) Winslow

The new issue of TAG, vol. 89, no. 4, is now at press and will mail to all subscribers in two to three weeks.

This issue leads off with the groundbreaking discovery by Sue Allan, Caleb Johnson, and Simon Neal of the origin of Susanna (Jackson) (White) Winslow, one of the two women who gave birth on board the Mayflower in 1620. This issue completes a blockbuster volume including the identity of three out of the 102 original Mayflower passengers: Susanna, her first husband William White, and William’s niece, Dorothy May Bradford, first wife of Governor William Bradford. Also in this issue are colonists in New England, New Jersey, and Virginia; a new feature including short discoveries of colonists’ origins; a nineteenth-century family with four pairs of twins (and four other children as well); an English village Typhoid Mary; and more.

TAG 89.3 published with Mayflower origins

The new issue of TAG, vol. 89, no. 3, is now at press and will mail to all subscribers just after Christmas.

This issue concludes the article begun in TAG 89.2 revealing the origin and kinship of Mayflower passengers William White and his niece, Dorothy (May) Bradford. Issue 89.3 contains a detailed genealogy of their shared ancestry among the Cross and May families, including Dorothy’s grandfather’s association with the Elizabethan sect known as the “Family of Love”.

Other material included in this issue ranges from colonial Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, to Maryland and Georgia.

The final issue of volume 89 is in preparation and will publish right around the New Year. Follow this link to purchase a subscription, or follow this link to purchase individual issues.

Order Deadline Extension

TAG’s printer has clarified that we have more time to finalize the printer’s mailing list for our new issue with the origin of Mayflower passengers William White and Dorothy May. Orders placed online by next Tuesday, September 25, will be in time for the printer’s mailing list. Orders received after that date will have a delay in fulfillment.

TAG 89.2 leads off with new Mayflower origins

William White and his niece Dorothy (May) Bradford, passengers on the Mayflower, lead off the new issue of TAG.

Caleb Johnson announced the discovery of their origin and kinship last night in a riveting presentation to the triennial Congress of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Today, TAG 89.2, leading with the first part of the article detailing this research, has formally gone to press and will mail to subscribers in about three weeks.

New or renewed subscriptions for volume 89 purchased online by Thursday, September 21, will be included in the printer’s mailing list for this issue. The new Mayflower research will continue in the next issue and culminate in the October issue (to appear by the end of the year) with the origin of another Mayflower passenger. Subscribe now to volume 89 to be among the first to receive all these issues.