If you have selected any back issues or subscription terms to purchase, they will be displayed in the shopping cart at right.

To reduce your order, remove undesired line item(s) using the red trash-can icon. To add to your order, choose either the Shop > Order Subscription or Shop > Order Back Issues submenu above; clicking another item will add it to your cart and return you to this page. If you are ordering multiple back issues, you will need to repeat this process for as many issues as you wish to add to the cart.

When you are ready to order, click the “Check Out with PayPal” button for payment via, using PayPal’s secure servers. A PayPal account is not necessary, and TAG will not receive or store any credit card or account information during this transaction.

Once your order is paid, you will receive a receipt via PayPal, followed by an automated confirmation from TAG. A follow-up e-mail within two business days will confirm the effective date of your new or renewed subscription, and/or how soon you will receive your first subscription issue(s) or back issue(s).

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