The American Genealogist



The American Genealogist is an independent quarterly journal dedicated to the elevation of genealogical scholarship through carefully documented analyses of genealogical problems and through short compiled genealogies.

For over ninety years, America’s premier independent genealogical journal has been The American Genealogist, affectionately known as TAG. TAG was founded in 1922 by Donald Lines Jacobus (1887–1970), the father of scientific genealogy in this country and the first person elected to the National Genealogical Society’s National Genealogy Hall of Fame. TAG was Jacobus’s vehicle for elevating genealogical scholarship to the same high standards as other scholarly disciplines, and it was at the center of what is now known as the “Jacobus School,” a group of professional and amateur genealogists who were dedicated to these standards.

Throughout its long career, TAG has emphasized carefully documented compiled genealogy and analyses of difficult genealogical problems, all directed toward providing serious genealogists with examples of how they too might solve such problems.

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