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Choose from the following list to order individual back issues from as far back as 1966. Click “Order Now” and item will appear in the shopping cart at upper right. You may continue to click to add additional back issues to the cart, or add a subscription order by navigating to “Order Subscription” under the “Shop” menu above. When you are ready, click “Check Out” to pay via the secure server at PayPal (no PayPal account is necessary for credit-card payments).

All back issues listed below are $12 (including shipping within the United States), with the exception of TAG 79.1-2 (Jan/April 2004), a double issue, which is $20.

Postage outside the United States on all back issue orders requires an additional $2.00 per issue. If ordering a single issue online, this surcharge will be added automatically by Paypal for “Standard International Shipping”. If ordering multiple issues, manually add the first line item below, adding one surcharge for each additional issue purchased after the first issue (for example, if ordering three issues, select the postage surcharge line item twice to add two surcharges to the basket; Paypal will add the first $2 surcharge at checkout).

All sales orders to Rhode Island addresses (back issues or subscriptions) will check out with 7% sales tax added on.

In the list below, pagination of each issue is given to aid location of specific articles cited only by volume, year and page numbers, to within specific issues. Be aware that “continued” articles with non-sequential pagination are usually distributed across two or more issues. All recent issues are hotlinked to their contents pages (which will appear in a separate window). In order to be sure that you have the correct back issue in mind, you may also use the combined PDF index linked from our “Consolidated Table of Contents” page. The Consolidated Contents document separately lists each part of a serialized article continued in successive issues, so you must review repeated hits for keywords in authors or titles to be sure that all parts of a serialized article have been found.

Foreign postage surcharge ($2 per issue) [select only if ordering multiple issues, one $2 charge for each additional issue ordered after the first]
TAG 89.4Oct 2017241-320
TAG 89.3Jul 2017161-240
TAG 89.2Apr 201781-160
TAG 89.1Jan 20171-80
TAG 88.4Oct 2016241-320
TAG 88.3Jul 2016161-240
TAG 88.2Apr 201681-160
TAG 88.1Jan 20161-80
TAG 87.4Jul/Oct 2015241-320
TAG 87.3Jan/Apr 2015161-240
TAG 87.2Jul/Oct 201481-160
TAG 87.1Jan/Apr 20141-80
TAG 86.4Jul/Oct 2013241-320
TAG 86.3Jan/Apr 2013161-240
TAG 86.2Jul/Oct 201281-160
TAG 86.1Jan/Apr 20121-80
TAG 85.4Oct 2011241-320
TAG 85.3Jul 2011161-240
TAG 85.2Apr 201181-160
TAG 85.1Jan 20111-80
TAG 84.4Oct 2010241-320
TAG 84.3Jul 2010161-240OUT OF PRINT
TAG 84.2Apr 201081-160
TAG 84.1Jan 20101-80
TAG 83.4Jul/Oct 2009241-360OUT OF PRINT
TAG 83.3Jan/Apr 2009161-240OUT OF PRINT
TAG 83.2Jul/Oct 200881-160OUT OF PRINT
TAG 83.1Jan/Apr 20081-80OUT OF PRINT
TAG 82.4Oct 2007241-358
TAG 82.3Jul 2007161-240
TAG 82.2Apr 200781-160OUT OF PRINT
TAG 82.1Jan 20071-80
TAG 81.4Oct 2006241-324
TAG 81.3Jul 2006161-240
TAG 81.2Apr 200681-160
TAG 81.1Jan 20061-80
TAG 80.4Oct 2005241-320
TAG 80.3Jul 2005161-240
TAG 80.2Apr 200581-160
TAG 80.1Jan 20051-80
TAG 79.4Oct 2004241-320OUT OF PRINT
TAG 79.3Jul 2004161-240OUT OF PRINT
TAG 79.1-2Jan/Apr 2004: Double Issue: $201-160
TAG 78.4Oct 2003241-360
TAG 78.3Jul 2003161-240
TAG 78.2Apr 200381-160
TAG 78.1Jan 20031-80
TAG 77.4Oct 2002241-322
TAG 77.3Jul 2002161-240OUT OF PRINT
TAG 77.2Apr 200281-160
TAG 77.1Jan 20021-80
TAG 76.4Oct 2001241-360OUT OF PRINT
TAG 76.3Jul 2001161-240
TAG 76.2Apr 200181-160
TAG 76.1Jan 20011-80OUT OF PRINT
TAG 75.4Oct 2000241-382OUT OF PRINT
TAG 75.3Jul 2000161-240
TAG 75.2Apr 200081-160
TAG 75.1Jan 20001-80
TAG 74.4Oct 1999241-362
TAG 74.3Jul 1999161-240
TAG 74.2Apr 199981-160
TAG 74.1Jan 19991-80
TAG 73.4Oct 1998241-370
TAG 73.3Jul 1998161-240OUT OF PRINT
TAG 73.2Apr 199881-160
TAG 73.1Jan 19981-80
TAG 72.3-4Jul/Oct 1997: 75th Anniversary Issue147-406OUT OF PRINT
TAG 72.2Apr 199765-146
TAG 72.1Jan 19971-64
TAG 71.4Oct 1996193-294
TAG 71.3Jul 1996129-192
TAG 71.2Apr 199665-128
TAG 71.1Jan 19961-64
TAG 70.4Oct 1995193-294
TAG 70.3Jul 1995129-192
TAG 70.2Apr 199565-128
TAG 70.1Jan 19951-64OUT OF PRINT
TAG 69.4Oct 1994193-294
TAG 69.3Jul 1994129-192
TAG 69.2Apr 199465-128
TAG 69.1Jan 19941-64
TAG 68.4Oct 1993193-292
TAG 68.3Jul 1993129-192
TAG 68.2Apr 199365-128
TAG 68.1Jan 19931-64
TAG 67.4Oct 1992193-294
TAG 67.3Jul 1992129-192
TAG 67.2Apr 199265-128
TAG 67.1Jan 19921-64
TAG 66.4Oct 1991193-298
TAG 66.3Jul 1991129-192
TAG 66.2Apr 199165-128
TAG 66.1Jan 19911-64
TAG 65.4Oct 1990193-298
TAG 65.3Jul 1990129-192
TAG 65.2Apr 199065-128
TAG 65.1Jan 19901-64
TAG 64.4Oct 1989193-304
TAG 64.3Jul 1989129-192
TAG 64.2Apr 198965-128
TAG 64.1Jan 19891-64
TAG 63.4Oct 1988193-298
TAG 63.3Jul 1988129-192
TAG 63.2Apr 198865-128
TAG 63.1Jan 19881-64
TAG 62.4Oct 1987193-298
TAG 62.3Jul 1987129-192
TAG 62.2Apr 198765-128
TAG 62.1Jan 19871-64
TAG 61.4Jul/Oct 1986193-307
TAG 61.3Jan/Apr 1986129-192
TAG 61.2Jul/Oct 198565-128
TAG 61.1Jan/Apr 19851-64OUT OF PRINT
TAG 60.4Oct 1984193-256
TAG 60.3Jul 1984129-192
TAG 60.2Apr 198465-128
TAG 60.1Jan 19841-64OUT OF PRINT
TAG 59.4Oct 1983193-256
TAG 59.3Jul 1983129-192
TAG 59.2Apr 198365-128OUT OF PRINT
TAG 59.1Jan 19831-64
TAG 58.4Oct 1982193-256OUT OF PRINT
TAG 58.3Jul 1982129-192
TAG 58.2Apr 198265-128
TAG 58.1Jan 19821-64OUT OF PRINT
TAG 57.4Oct 1981193-256
TAG 57.3Jul 1981129-192
TAG 57.2Apr 198165-128
TAG 57.1Jan 19811-64
TAG 56.4Oct 1980193-296
TAG 56.3Jul 1980129-192
TAG 56.2Apr 198065-128
TAG 56.1Jan 19801-64
TAG 55.4Oct 1979193-296OUT OF PRINT
TAG 55.3Jul 1979129-192OUT OF PRINT
TAG 55.2Apr 197965-128
TAG 55.1Jan 19791-64OUT OF PRINT
TAG 54.4Oct 1978193-256
TAG 54.3Jul 1978129-192
TAG 54.2Apr 197865-128
TAG 54.1Jan 19781-64OUT OF PRINT
TAG 53.4Oct 1977193-256
TAG 53.3Jul 1977129-192
TAG 53.2Apr 197765-128
TAG 53.1Jan 19771-64OUT OF PRINT
TAG 52.4Oct 1976193-256
TAG 52.3Jul 1976129-192
TAG 52.2Apr 197665-128
TAG 52.1Jan 19761-64
TAG 51.4Oct 1975193-256
TAG 51.3Jul 1975129-192
TAG 51.2Apr 197565-128
TAG 51.1Jan 19751-64
TAG 50.4Oct 1974193-256
TAG 50.3Jul 1974129-192
TAG 50.2Apr 197465-128
TAG 50.1Jan 19741-64
TAG 49.4Oct 1973193-256
TAG 49.3Jul 1973129-192
TAG 49.2Apr 197365-128OUT OF PRINT
TAG 49.1Jan 19731-64
TAG 48.4Oct 1972193-256
TAG 48.3Jul 1972129-192
TAG 48.2Apr 197265-128
TAG 48.1Jan 19721-64
TAG 47.4Oct 1971193-262
TAG 47.3Jul 1971129-192
TAG 47.2Apr 197165-128
TAG 47.1Jan 19711-64
TAG 46.4Oct 1970193-256
TAG 46.3Jul 1970129-192
TAG 46.2Apr 197065-128
TAG 46.1Jan 19701-64
TAG 45.4Oct 1969193-256
TAG 45.3Jul 1969129-192
TAG 45.2Apr 196965-128
TAG 45.1Jan 19691-64
TAG 44.4Oct 1968193-256
TAG 44.3Jul 1968129-192
TAG 44.2Apr 196865-128
TAG 44.1Jan 19681-64OUT OF PRINT
TAG 43.4Oct 1967193-256
TAG 43.3Jul 1967129-192
TAG 43.2Apr 196765-128
TAG 43.1Jan 19671-64
TAG 42.4Oct 1966193-256
TAG 42.3Jul 1966129-192
TAG 42.2Apr 196665-128
TAG 42.1Jan 19661-64