TAG 89.2 leads off with new Mayflower origins

William White and his niece Dorothy (May) Bradford, passengers on the Mayflower, lead off the new issue of TAG.

Caleb Johnson announced the discovery of their origin and kinship last night in a riveting presentation to the triennial Congress of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Today, TAG 89.2, leading with the first part of the article detailing this research, has formally gone to press and will mail to subscribers in about three weeks.

New or renewed subscriptions for volume 89 purchased online by Thursday, September 21, will be included in the printer’s mailing list for this issue. The new Mayflower research will continue in the next issue and culminate in the October issue (to appear by the end of the year) with the origin of another Mayflower passenger. Subscribe now to volume 89 to be among the first to receive all these issues.

5 thoughts on “TAG 89.2 leads off with new Mayflower origins

  1. Carolyn Stone

    Hello- I have a current subscription to TAG, but am not sure when it expires. I want to make sure I receive the upcoming issue on Susannah (Jackson) (White) Winslow. I tried to renew online for another year, but it will only allow me to use PayPal. I cannot find how to just put in a cc#, nor can I find a phone number to call and order. Can you advise me on any way to pay other than opening a Payal account? I can also put a check in the mail today to the address on your website.

    Thank you, Carolyn Stone

    1. Nathaniel Taylor Post author

      Ms. Stone, your subscription has just expired with vol. 88 so you need to renew for volume 89. You would have received vol. 89, no. 1, in the Spring with a pink “last chance” renewal slip. Renewals, new subscriptions, or back issue purchases can be made online here without having or creating a PayPal account; simply check out and pay as a guest. Renewal by check is fine too, but the new issue will arrive two weeks later (we will have to mail it by hand from overstock when received from the printer).

      1. Carolyn Stone

        I am currently in New England on vacation and just want to make sure I renew before your deadline of Sept 21st to make sure I receive issue #89 and the new research on Susannah (Jackson) (White) (Winslow) . As I could not find a way to sign onto PayPal as a guest, I went ahead and sent you a check and had the hotel receptionist mail it for me from Peabody, Mass. on Wednesday, so I assume you will receive it this week. I hope this will suffice to renew in time for issue #89.

  2. Toni Penner

    Dear Sir – Just purchased a new subscription – although after the Sept 25 deadline – to receive the William White/Susanna Jackson issues. Can I still get the three issues mentioned in TAG 89.2? My cousin was at the Mayflower Convention and she just got home from an extended trip and we didn’t realize there was a deadline. She is descended from Peregrine White and I am from Resolved, and this new information is really exciting. Thank you.


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