TAG 89.4 at press with the origin of Mayflower passenger Susanna (Jackson) (White) Winslow

The new issue of TAG, vol. 89, no. 4, is now at press and will mail to all subscribers in two to three weeks.

This issue leads off with the groundbreaking discovery by Sue Allan, Caleb Johnson, and Simon Neal of the origin of Susanna (Jackson) (White) Winslow, one of the two women who gave birth on board the Mayflower in 1620. This issue completes a blockbuster volume including the identity of three out of the 102 original Mayflower passengers: Susanna, her first husband William White, and William’s niece, Dorothy May Bradford, first wife of Governor William Bradford. Also in this issue are colonists in New England, New Jersey, and Virginia; a new feature including short discoveries of colonists’ origins; a nineteenth-century family with four pairs of twins (and four other children as well); an English village Typhoid Mary; and more.

2 thoughts on “TAG 89.4 at press with the origin of Mayflower passenger Susanna (Jackson) (White) Winslow

  1. Joan foster cordes-nay

    Dose this mean the Mayflower society in Plymouth MA accepts Susanna maiden names as JACKSON?

    1. Nathaniel Taylor Post author

      That’s a good question! TAG and the authors of the Susanna Jackson article have no affiliation with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Susanna was a Mayflower passenger and the GSMD does not require information on parents or ancestors of passengers in the lineages submitted by descendants for review! How this information will be incorporated in future publications of the GSMD is up to individual authors and editors of future editions of silver books on White and Winslow, etc. In retrospect, it was the old misconception that she was a Fuller that prevented her from being speculatively called “Susanna Jackson,” on the basis of Winslow’s 1623 letter to her uncle, long before her parents were identified as they now have been. –NLT


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